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Vinyasa Level 1-2

The Carmel Valley: A class for the new, the sore, the deep, the injured, the curious or simply on a specific schedule. This class is a Level 1, that really serves all levels as it is or can be used as a prep for Level 2 vinyasa classes. Expect a slower pace, props, introductions to alignment, demos, and building up to fully experiencing yoga poses. Teachers may draw from Iyengar, Pilates, Primal Movement Yoga, physical therapy and other movement modalities. A great class for those new to yoga or feel they're not flexible enough for yoga. 

Vinyasa Level 2-3

The South Coast: This class is for those that are wanting a warmer, deeper, rich, breath-based class. We consider this a Level 2-3 class, as there are fewer verbal cues and a peak pose. Alignment is a mainstay, but the flow is the priority. Expect a room temperature of no more than 85 degrees, sun salutations, twists, inversions, arm balancing or whatever the teacher deems appropriate. Teachers may be drawing from Ashtanga vinyasa, Baron Baptiste Yoga, Dharma Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Shivananda Yoga and other styles of breath based flow. This flow practice allows the body and mind to find a state of reflection, meditation and grace. Leaving class, there is a feeling of balance between ease, strength and openness.

Yin & Therapeutic Yoga

The Big Sur of Yoga: We too often deny ourselves of what makes the rest of life so amazing. Once experienced, we feel that it should be an integral part of our practice of well-being. You will feel unsure, until your body realizes that it has moved into a natural state of bliss. Your friends, family and body will thank you. This class is held at 75-degrees and is ideal for all levels, including those who are injured, athletes, retirees, soldiers, parents, insomniacs, poets, coffee-lovers, dog-lovers, weekend-warriors... you get the idea: the majority of us. We have regulars who are not otherwise 'yoga people' but commute for an hour for these classes. Yep.


Bring the Babes

Level 1 Classes taught by Jill W or Megan Cassamus are available for prenatal and postpartum women. Series and Workshops are offered regularly and based on request.

Prenatal, i.e. Monterey Baby Aquarium: Stretching and mindful breathing for pregnant women. Childcare is offered for those with children (at least 6 months of age).

Bring the Babes, i.e. The Pacific Grove: For mom or dad and the babe. Childcare is not needed as this is about movement and connection for parents and children. It is meaningful, rich and playful. 


The Catalyst


The Super Coast: A blend of movement modalities and yoga & kundalini philosophy with the intention to ignite your inner spark and strip away lingering dullness through mindful action. We understand you're on limited time. You'll have a thoughtful, high intensity yet fun class and still have time for a sweet savasana to send you out into the second half of the day, feeling recharged and focused.

The Sequence: Jivamukti

Wednesday: 6:15-7:30P

Saturday: 10:00-11:30A

The Laguna Seca: The Jivamukti Sequences provide you with a consistent, meditative practice. Like driving Laguna Seca, the path is the same but daily fluctuations can bring hidden physical, mental experiences to the forefront to be embraced or released. Drop-in participants will experience a well-rounded class but real benefit comes from consistency. The Sequence is derived from the teachings of Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti Yoga in New York.

Intro to Yoga for Men


The Pebble Beach: A level 1-1.5 class that is great for beginners, cyclists, golfers, grounds keepers, construction workers, armchair sailors and visitors. We focus on the areas that tend to be tight in men and build flexibility, as well as areas that tend to be weak and build strength. As one of our regulars said recently, "this class helps me wake up pain free in the morning". Well done, Sir, well done.