Hannah Miller

Trained in Vinyasa Yoga and Korean martial art Tang Soo Do, Hannah first began her journey in mindful movement in 2006 as a white belt and yoga neophyte. After a youth plagued by illness and injury, she discovered the power of both practices to create a sustainable and healing lifestyle.

She is a great lover of children and animals of all kinds (including spiders!), and particularly enjoys working with students who are struggling in some way. Hannah first started practicing yoga in 2006 while a junior in high school. She graduated with a Batchelor of Science in Applied Psychology from NYU in 2011, after which she returned to Monterey to teach martial arts.

While living in New York, she practiced vinyasa yoga at Yoga Vida NYC. After returning to Monterey, she practiced ashtanga yoga for two years, before transitioning back into a vinyasa practice. Hannah completed her 200 hour vinyasa certification in early 2013 through Mark Stephens Yoga, and has been teaching ever since. 

Favorite escape:  American Karate and Hulas