We are the only yoga studio in the Monterey Bay/ Central Coast to offer a far infrared heat with a maximum of 85 degrees in our vinyasa yoga classes. Most people liken the experience of infrared heat to being out in the sun on a sunny day. This means your experience is a continuous warmth that does not rely on forced hot air and humidity blowing into the room. In fact, very often, you'll experience fresh air flowing through the room while maintaining the sensation of being near a cozy fireplace. Many people who dislike the experience of traditional hot yoga classes are loving the warmth and fresh air that far infrared provides. There are many benefits you will experience. The ones that are scientifically proven for far infrared in a yoga studio setting include:

  • Increase in core body temperature means an increase in circulation and blood flow.

  • Slight increase in heart rate as the body works to cool itself -- a gentle cardiovascular workout.

  • Any perspiration created is yours due to an increase in circulation rather than condensation provided by a room with forced heat and humidity.

  • Increase in joint and muscular mobility due to the deep heat penetration.

  • Decrease in joint and muscular inflammation and pain. This even includes people with fibromyalgia.

  • Post class increase in feel-good endorphin levels.

  • Studio air remains fresh throughout the class.

  • Dust and pollen is nearly eliminated due to the radiant heaters not forcing air through the room.

Please note that there are different types of infrared heat and we are using far infrared which provides a safe experience and is used in many physical therapy offices.


Far Infrared Heated Studio