My first Yoga teacher training was with Amba and Don Stapleton, Ph.D in Costa Rica at the Nosara Yoga Institute. Throughout my 20+ years of yoga study and training, I have practiced Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Forest, Kripalu, and Bhakti to name a few. The Yoga I teach is rooted in yogic tradition and shaped by the techniques, insights, and teachings I have learned in my Reiki and Earth Energy Medicine practice over the past 18 years. My classes are a blend of ebb and flow; breath, mindful movement and dynamic stillness, intermingled with joy and devotion, inspiration and introspection, sweat and Spirit. I offer a strong, centering vinyasa that is balanced with inner exploration and softening. Jackie can be found teaching at Union Yoga. You can find out more about Jackie at