Maria Prichard

Maria was first introduced to yoga by her mother while she was in the womb, and for the second time in her teens. At first, yoga was just a means to an end, a practice to increase flexibility and restore from “real workouts.” However, in 2010 after running the LA Marathon and pushing her body beyond it’s limitations, Maria was faced with knee surgery. After surgery, her previous exercise routines were no longer an option, so she gratefully returned to the practice of yoga.

While yoga had always been a present touchstone for her, it was now a sanctuary and a place of solace. Yoga rapidly became an intense passion and Maria dove into the history, texts and anatomy. In 2013 Maria traveled to Kerala, India to practice yoga and learn about Ayurveda with Carrie Janell, who would lead her through her first teacher training in 2015. 

After completing her 200 Hour training, Maria immediately began teaching and quickly added deeper studies to her repertoire, focusing on yoga as a tool for healing addiction and trauma. Maria is a certified Yoga for 12 Step Recovery Teacher (Y12SR), led by Nikki Meyers.

Maria loves to teach a strong vinyasa flow, guided by breath and alignment. She is also deeply passionate about introducing yoga to new students and supporting their development of body awareness through the connection of breath and movement. Maria believes that yoga is the journey through the body to the self and it's her greatest joy to share the practice with others.

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Favorite escape: Walking up to Veteran's Park in the morning mist, with my dog and spotting the mystical, white deer!