Rebekah Finn

Rebekah, AKA Yogi Bekah, started practicing yoga in 2000. She has explored all types of yoga and has traveled all over the US and Internationally attending classes, retreats and workshops from well-known yoga teachers, including Girish, Jai Uttal, and Coral Brown. Yogi Bekah’s philosophy is to simply start your yoga where you are; yoga is a way of life and the best present can give anyone is your presence.  2007 was a pivotal year where she was introduced to Bhakti Yoga (chanting and singing) and meditation.  Her classes have been known to be called Happy Flow, Yoga For The Soul, and Yoga At Your Own pace. The flow is often energetic, uplifting and includes music from all genres. The combination of music and yoga unites all. Rebekah ends class with her angelic singing while playing the  harmonium.

Favorite Escape: Carmel Beach with her husband and crazy awesome Boston Terrier, Petunia.