Word on the Street

People are buzzing about our new studio and we thank you!

"My new favorite yoga studio in the Monterey area! The ambiance is lovely and sophisticated while the instructors welcomingly greet you. I was impressed by how quickly I was greeted by name and have enjoyed taking several classes since they opened. I never feel overly warm thanks to their amazing infrared heaters and love the lavender-scented cool towels they provide at the end. I find the classes challenging and accessible. All the instructors are great at providing modifications to each pose if needed. I am looking forward to attending more classes at this great studio in downtown Monterey!!" -A.R., Yelp Review, 5 Stars

"Great yoga studio! I'm only visiting Monterey for a few days and I definitely plan on coming back before the end of my trip. Highly recommend!" -K.M., Yelp Review, 5 Stars

"...There is so much attention to detail and this is truly reflective of the owner / founder's light and spirit.  The infrared heaters help to warm your muscles and allow you to stretch and move comfortably, and you will enjoy the cool lavender scented clothes at the end of each practice.  Come one, come all and be blessed." -M.L., Yelp Review, 5 Stars

"...This is an excellent class in an excellent environment. Hannah's sequence of asanas is balanced just right so that you focus, warm up, move and stretch all the parts of the body in a logical sequence, and then do all the needed finishing asanas, again in a logical order. Her cueing is very good and she gives you the opportunity to make the asanas easy or challenging to fit you where you are at with your practice. The studio has a nice floor, intimate feel, and cozy dry heat. I found that I was more able to focus on my breath, alignments and flow. Sorta like getting an expensive piece of chocolate - you tend to focus on the experience and enjoy it a bit more." -L.W., Google Review, 5 Stars

"Love the space and the vibe of this studio! Plus, they're the only ones in town doing early morning classes. I love 6am rocket with Courtney on Mondays and Wednesdays :) Best way to start a workday!" -C.M., Facebook Review, 5 Stars

"Beautiful space, awesome instructors! Namaste 🙏 Great addition to downtown." -R.T., Facebook Review, 5 Stars

"I definitely enjoyed the Level 1 class with Gennica; she is a great instructor, and the class was a perfect pace for me as someone newer to yoga! The space has a modern simplicity that complements a yoga practice. I look forward to going again!" -M.G.S., Facebook Review, 5 Stars