March 30, 2019 - PreNatal workshop with Jill Willett

This workshop will demystify prenatal yoga by exploring safe practices for students and practitioners. It is meant to educate non-prenatal teachers to feel competent to address the needs of prenatal students. It is also meant to prepare prenatal students to feel confident to walk into any yoga class and modify for themselves and feel that they are keeping themselves and their babies safe. Modifications will be demonstrated and discussed for pranayams, asanas, and props. Issues discussed will include: Low back pain Hyper mobility Hyper tonicity Diastasis Recti Anxiety "Listening to your body": Physical discomfort during and after practice. A practice class will be offered with sequencing ideas for all 3 trimesters. Q&A after practice.

April 27, 2019, 4:00-6:30, The Art of Wayfinding Event with Meadow DeVor

Discover Your Inner Guidance On and Off the Mat
Since time began, people have had to learn various navigation skills to help them find their way through unknown territory. Some learned to chart their course by starlight, some by listening to birdsong, others through reading faint water patterns off the bows of their boats. No matter the culture or method of travel, the art of wayfinding has always been a skill to be mastered requiring focus, sharp listening skills, and an eye for subtle clues.

Journeying through life requires similar skills. Even if you don’t know where you are or which direction you’re going, you can learn how to find your way home. You have a built-in navigation system, a fail-proof tool to help you steer your life. You’re probably already aware of your inner voice, and maybe you already use it.

But, the question is: Which inner voice are you listening to?

There’s the Mind Voice who’s trying to make everything predictable and safe. There’s the Heart Voice who’s relaying directions through a vast range of emotions. There’s the Body Voice who’s driven by animal instincts. And then there’s the Soul Voice that propels you to live the fullest expression of who you are. Each of these voices holds its own sense of direction, a unique piece of the puzzle, and its own corner of the map. When used together, the Four Voices become a powerful inner-guidance system.

This event is an invitation to learn the art of wayfinding by using the wisdom of each of your Four Voices.

The Practice:
The Art of Wayfinding is a unique and powerful inquiry process experienced on the mat through a customized strong restorative yoga sequence combined with thought-provoking inquiry prompts, all set to a heart-opening soundtrack.

This will not be a typical yoga class. It will challenge your Mind, your Heart, your Body, and Your Soul.

No previous yoga experience necessary. This class is for every fitness level and body size, and will be customized to accommodate any injuries or illnesses, and to challenge even the most advanced practitioners.

What You’ll Experience
During the yoga practice, you’ll journey through each of your Four Voices. This means that you’ll experience your Mind Voice, your Heart Voice, your Body Voice and your Soul Voice in vivid detail. This often means tears as you break through inner barriers and open to deeper truths. As you let go of your layers, you even find a sense of stillness and peace within the cathedral of your body—a sense of connection with your whole self.

After the practice, we’ll take what you’ve learned on the mat and apply it to the rest of your life. Through discussion and inquiry, you’ll begin to chart your course that honors your inner wisdom as you venture back out into the world.

You'll learn to take yourself (and this work) lightly—with ease and a sense of humor. Although we’ll go through plenty of Kleenex boxes (because tears happen when real work is being done), there will also be plenty of laughter and levity. You will leave different, changed—and with a clearer path forward.

The Details
Union Yoga is located at 244 Pearl Street, downtown Monterey, California. There are many hotels within walking distance, plenty of cafes, restaurants, and markets nearby.


3:45 Doors open

4:00 Opening discussion

4:15 Yoga Practice

5:45 Break

6:00 Closing discussion and Q&A

Please bring a journal, a pen, and a yoga mat. If you forget, no worries. We’ll have extra supplies to share.

Plan on getting sweaty. The room will be packed and we will be doing intense physical and emotional work. Union Yoga is heated with infrared heat. This means your experience will be continuous warmth that does not rely on forced hot air and humidity blowing into the room—typically around 80-85 degrees. Dress accordingly.

Sign Up
This event is designed for an intentionally small number of students and it will sell out quickly.
This class is a non-refundable event. Refunds or credits are not given but the space can be transferred to a friend.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018 1-3:00PM

This workshop will possibly enable you to get to know your body in greater depth through embodied movement and tools for self-care. Not only for yourself, but you can share it with your peers.

This workshop is appropriate for everyone especially yoga practitioners and teachers.

Hope to see you at Union Yoga! -RW.

About Rob
Rob sees himself as a cultivator of self-awareness. Movement and activities that naturally invite introspection are his jam - he is a dedicated Yogi and Steward of the ocean. When you talk to Rob about self-awareness, and why it plays such a central role in his life, he’ll say:
“Being active is how I find my own boundaries. It’s taken me years to develop the presence to be able to sense my quality of experience at any given moment. My intention is to cultivate the ability to monitor my experience constantly, and sweetly, without controlling it. Knowing myself more completely is the key to empathizing with others.
I dedicate a huge amount of energy to empathy, and this is the core of my work in massage. The knowledge of myself and my intention to relate to others has naturally evolved into an ability to bring others to the threshold of their own experience - and invite them to contact what they find there without judgement. That threshold is a place that we all visit from time to time - it’s the source, the seat of our natural potential.”

Rob currently teaches at the Esalen Institute and Union Yoga in Monterey.

200 Hour MazeMethod Yoga Teacher Training Information Session


No advanced signup necessary. If you are curious and interested in the upcoming, February 2019 teacher training at Union Yoga, join us to learn about the training and have your questions answered. Nichol Chase will be teaching two workshops on 12/2 and we are following it up with this session. Refreshments provided.