Kelli Nairn

Kelli offers smart and strong vinyasa classes that show a skill she has developed through years of classical & movement based yoga study. She is known as an authentic teacher with an ability to create a sense of ease in the practice. There is a love of storytelling and making yoga approachable and applicable to our modern lives that makes her classes fulfilling, leaving participants with a nugget of wisdom gained.

Kelli is the founder of, and a teacher at Union Yoga in downtown Monterey, California. She is currently teaching and training under The Maze Method as one of their Certified Teachers with over 800 hours of study. She has practiced under the guidance of Donna Jackson, Mitchel Bleier and Tracy Bleier, with leanings toward Kashmir Shaivism and smart alignment flow. Since moving back to the West Coast from New York and Connecticut in 2013, she journeyed through additional training with Noah Maze and Rocky Heron in West Hollywood. Her inspiration comes in various forms of arts and crafts, primal movement and experiencing movement needs within her own body on a daily basis.

Additional studies have been focused on mental health with Mariana Caplin, Ph.D. and Peter Levine, Ph.D. with an emphasis on yoga as a path to overcome depression, addiction, anxiety and PTSD. Meditation studies are with Isabel Fleury Silva and various programs at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Favorite Escape: Riding her bike on the Monterey-Pacific Grove-Pebble Beach coastal trail.