Kelli Nairn

Kelli describes her yoga process as 75 minutes of church, therapy and a workout that leaves her feeling blissed. She started out as a certified personal trainer but diverted for 15 years as an executive assistant in Manhattan and in Connecticut at a Fortune 5 company. She found yoga to counter a hectic career and has been practicing since 2008. Her 200 and +300 hour training took place under the guidance of Donna Jackson, Mitchel Bleier and Tracy Bleier in 2010-2011.

She is currently journeying through a 300 hour training with Noah Maze, Rocky Heron, Paula Gelbart and Tracy Maze in Los Angeles. The participants in the program are all worthy of listing as they are equally inspiring and thought provoking as the instructors. 

Additional studies have been focused on mental health with Mariana Caplin, Ph.D. and Peter Levine, Ph.D. with an emphasis on yoga as a path to overcome depression, addiction, anxiety and PTSD. Meditation studies are with Isabel Fleury Silva and various programs at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Favorite Escape: Hiking Fort Ord with friends