Rob Wilks

We love Rob not only for his great yin class, but for his profound understanding of body mechanics and his easy presence. He has been teaching and practicing yoga since 2000 and has studied with Johanna Holloman at the Esalen Institute, earning him his first 200hr teacher training as well as another 200hr teacher training at the Sivananda yoga farm. He has studied with Paul Grilley, and has focused his teaching on yin yoga.

Rob is also a massage and bodywork practitioner and instructor, as well as a faculty member at the Esalen Institute. A Santa Cruz native who has been diving since the age of 12, Rob frequently joins Central Coast dive tours as a rescue diver. His favorite places are all under water! 

You can find more information on Rob and his outside schedule here: and here:

Favorite escape:  About a mile off the coast of Big Sur, scuba'ing among plant and animal life.